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Diane Stevens 

Diane Stevens-Liotta, was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pa. Diane is an internationally renowned make-up artist and businesswoman. Her make up skills are in high demand and she has worked on the faces of some of America's best known celebrities. Diane's passion for accentuating the natural beauty of others started when she was hired as the International Marketing Representative for the Estee Lauder Companies. In this capacity Diane traveled internationally as trainer for Lauder employees in 9 countries. While at Lauder, she received numerous awards and commendations for her outstanding achievement.

Always the independent thinker and mover, in 1996 Diane merged her business skills and creative talents and started her own makeup company Diane Stevens, Inc. Her products are sold internationally via the Internet as well as to make up professionals at the major television networks and movie studios. By the end of the year, her products will be available in major department stores throughout the United States and in parts of Africa.

With a successful business, Diane was poised to scale entrepreneurial heights. As fate would have it, she found a higher calling in 1998 when she organized and helped sponsor a trip to South Africa for the reigning Miss Universe. During this visit she met 10 year old Nkosi Johnson, a South African orphan infected with the HIV/ AIDS virus. Diane and Nkosi became fast friends and when he asked for her help in raising funds for orphans in South Africa like him, she made a personal commitment and promise to help. Diane together with Danny Glover and other concerned individuals founded Nkosi?s Haven; an HIV care center in Johannesburg for HIV/AIDS infected orphans and women. She has raised thousands of dollars and a portion of the sales of her cosmetics supports this center.

After completing her studies at Wayne State University and University of Michigan, she began her Professional career at IBM Corporation in Detroit, Michigan, where she was on a professional fast track to success as the first African-American female Marketing Representative in the Great Lakes region. As a marketing Representative for IBM she was responsible for implementation of IBM Systems products for the Ford Motor Company, International Division. She later worked for Wang Laboratories as an Account Executive in the small business division and in 1978; she was honored as an "Outstanding Young Woman in America", in recognition of her achievements in the business world.

Diane is married to Dr. C. Ben Liotta and has 3 children and 4 grandchildren.

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